Lisa Lombardo


Classes she teaches: PERFORMANCE RIDE, TRX, BARRE

Lisa is a Johnny G Mad Dogg Certified Spinning instructor with more than 16 years of teaching experience. Lisa also holds an ACE Certified Personal Training Certification as well as Yogafit for Cyclists, TRX, Barre, Hatha Yoga and Sports Nutrition Certifications. Lisa’s passion for fitness began 23 years ago when she began to train for her first bodybuilding competition. She entered the 1992 Natural Metropolitan Bodybuilding Championships and took first place. She then went on to take third place at the Atlantic Supernatural Championships and first place in the 2002 INBF Northeastern Hernandez Classic. She continued her pursuit of fitness by beginning the P90X program in her home and continues to use this program for her weight training workouts. Her love of cycling began to grow as she continued to take and teach classes. Although she encourages cross training, she uses indoor cycling as her main source of cardio conditioning. Lisa feels as if being on the bike is a positive escape from a negative world and loves motivating and encouraging everyone that comes to her classes to experience this! Lisa’s view of heath and fitness has changed over the years as she has learned the importance of nutrition and currently lives a pescatarian lifestyle. She has learned to embrace exercise along with healthy eating as key aspects of living a balanced life. Her belief is that along with a healthy, strong body comes a healthy, strong mind. This type of lifestyle is a journey and Lisa continues learning and enjoying the “RIDE”.