Rachel Elphick


Classes she teaches: BARRE

Rachel has been dancing since she was 5 years old. She believes dance is a form of art where you can express yourself in ways that words cannot. When her dance career ended after she graduated college, she was searching for that rhythmic active lifestyle somewhere else. She found that at RIDE and quickly became a consistent client taking spin, barre, and TRX classes. One reason why Rachel fell in love with RIDE was because of its well rounded diversity in workouts. Rachel says, “I believe it is very important to have a well balanced lifestyle not only at home but in the gym as well. If it’s not a challenge, you’re not growing.”

Rachel’s personality is lighthearted and she loves to have fun in life. This applies to her workouts as well. “I want to be there to push people while enjoying the process. That is why I was so drawn to barre! The musical rhythm working alongside the challenge of the workout creates a killer burn that leaves you shaking (and smiling) after class.”

She has been instructing barre classes since October and loving it! "Each week I try to bring something new and challenging to the table to help each individual grow. Come and meet me at the barre!"