Jenn Bertagni

Jenn Bertagni


Classes she teaches: Rhythm RIDE, SPIN/BARRE FUSION

Jenn is a powerhouse in and out of the studio! With a packed schedule as a mom of three little ones(a set of twins included!) and teaching full time, she makes no excuses when it comes to her health and fitness. Jenn has been active her entire life; starting to competitively swim at age 8 and continuing through all of high school. In her off season from swimming, she would stay busy by playing field hockey and lacrosse. When college came along, she turned to running as her primary form of exercise. She continued to find comfort through running until she had her kids and needed a change of exercise routine to keep herself motivated. Enter, spin class! She was a member of a big chain gym at the time and loved the work out that cycling gave her. It wasn’t until this past March when she found RIDE that she truly connected with the bike in class and found her passion for rhythmic spin. She has taken hundreds (and we really mean hundreds!) of classes at the studio in all of the class formats whether it’s rhythm RIDE, barre, TRX or the fusions. As a client, she has become an inspiration to so many through leading by example in her determination and strength.

Now, as she takes her place on the podium on the other side of things as an instructor, she hopes to help others fall in love with their fitness journey and connect with themselves like she has in the studio and on the bike. “When I am on the bike, I feel free and happy and strong and liberated from the usual nonsense of day to day life”, she says. “The bike is my race horse, my fighter jet, my remote and deserted island, and my friend. Together, we conquer every sprint and hill. And after that, the world.”