Kristina Avanzato


Classes she teaches: RHYTHM RIDE

Kristina is a newly certified Rhythm RIDE instructor who became hooked on RIDE’s challenging yet motivating spin classes after looking for an alternative to high impact exercises like running. With a pre-existing obsession with EDM and fitness, not surprisingly Kristina became addicted to the rave-like energy and positivity of cycling classes, especially at RIDE. After a year or two of consistent classes and mentoring from the inspirational instructors of RIDE, she decided to take a shot at instructing cycling herself.

As an instructor, Kristina puts an emphasis on her playlists because she believes music has the power to transport your mind anywhere, that’s why she makes sure to include songs with powerful lyrics or juicy beat drops to enhance your physical (and psychological) workout.

Out of the spin studio, Kristina works as a 3D artist and does design projects on the side. She is also a practicing vegan and loves coffee shop hopping.