Leah Fisher

Leah Fisher


Classes she teaches: BARRE

Leah found her passion for dance in college and it quickly became her life! She continued to dance after college but was looking for different ways to workout and get active. A friend suggested trying RIDE and the rest is history. Pairing her love for rhythm with getting a good sweat on was exactly what she was searching for and found at RIDE. Leah quickly became a regular at the studio taking all class formats of spin, TRX, and barre and found her happy place within the studio walls. After just a few barre classes, it was apparent that Leah was an absolute natural and she realized teaching was something she was passionate about.

Leah believes that your workouts should be hard and challenging but also an enjoyable time that you can look forward to! She wants each client to leave the barre room feeling shake-y, sweaty and most importantly, happy! She strives to constantly find new ways to push clients out of their comfort zone and keep them pushing their limits until the very last count.

Leah's philosophy is that the right workout will change your life, mind, body and soul and looks forward to helping clients find these changes.

When Leah's not at the barre on Tuesdays at 6PM, you can find her in other classes at RIDE, with friends, crafting or eating tacos!